Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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MAKO robotic-assisted total knee replacement is for patients living with pain caused by irreversible underlying conditions like late-stage osteoarthritis that fails to respond to conservative treatment options. Prior to the procedure, your surgeon may suggest conservative options like injectable medications, oral medications, physical therapy, activity modification, and bracing. If these fail to control your pain your surgeon may suggest a total knee replacement for definitive treatment.
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Prior to your scheduled surgery you will have a CT scan. From this CT scan the MAKO provides a personalized surgical plan based on your anatomy. The scan is uploaded into the MAKO software system and a 3D model is rendered which is then used to pre-plan Greater Phoenix Orthopedics in Scottsdale in performing your knee replacement.

total knee scan providing angles of patellar
total knee scan providing angles of patellar


Once in the operating room we will use your personal surgical plan to prepare your bone for the implants. Dr. Martin guides the robotic arm to remove the arthritic or diseased bone and cartilage. While we are controlling the robotic arm it is providing feedback physically, visually and audibly to maintain the boundaries set by your personal plan. The robotic-arm technology has demonstrated in laboratory testing to provide accurate placement based on the personalized surgical plan. Greater Phoenix Orthopedics has some of the best surgeons for knee replacement. Schedule a consultation at our office in Scottsdale to see how we can get you moving again.

Recovery Time Using MAKO

Recovery time for knee surgery is much quicker when undergoing MAKO. You can expect to be up and moving two weeks post-operation, compared to six to eight weeks when receiving traditional knee surgery. This can range patient to patient, but most have reported speedy recovery periods such as this.

young woman recovering from knee surgery