Makoplasty Surgery in Scottsdale AZ

What is Mako robotic-assisted surgery?

MAKOplasty offers a robotic technology that brings better precision and accuracy for a more effective surgical procedure. Our operations in Scottsdale provide a personalized plan to your operation. By using a smaller incision, we guide the arm to exactly where it needs to go, lessening recovery time. Take advantage of the latest in medical technology to reduce your recovery time and gain more mobility. We understand that making sure you know what to expect from your joint replacement experience is important to you.
Personal Precision
Quicker Recovery
Minimally Invasive

Who is a Candidate for MAKO?

Each patient is unique and can experience joint pain for different reasons. It’s important to talk to us about the reason for your joint pain so you can understand the treatment options available to you. Pain from arthritis and joint degeneration can be constant or come and go, occur with movement or after a period of rest, or be located in one spot or many parts of the body. It is common for patients to try medication and other conservative treatments to treat their hip or knee pain. If you haven’t experienced adequate relief with those treatment options, you may be a candidate for Mako Total Hip, Total Knee or Partial Knee replacement, which may provide you with relief from your joint pain.

How MAKO Technology Works

Greater Phoenix Orthopedics, located in Scottsdale, utilizes the Makoplasty robotics system to provide you with a personalized surgical plan based on your unique anatomy. A CT scan of your hip or knee joint is taken and uploaded into the robot where a 3D model of your hip or knee is created. Dr. Martin uses this 3D model to pre-plan and assist during your joint replacement surgery

Self-Guided with Robotic Assistance

In the surgery, Dr. Martin follows your surgical plan while preparing your bone with the robotic arm. We self-guide the robotic arm to the planned areas and the arm provides feedback to maintain boundaries created by your plan to position the implant in the knee or hip joints. The system also allows us to make adjustments to the plan during surgery based on your anatomy. Laboratory studies have shown that the robotic arm allows for accurate placement of implants, protection of soft tissue, and preservation of ligaments.

What Can The Robot Fix

The robotics system is currently FDA-approved for replacements of the hip and knee. Based on the severity of arthritis in your knee, Greater Phoenix Orthopedics can determine if you are a candidate for a total knee replacement or a partial knee replacement. The robotic-assisted total hip replacement is for patients who suffer from osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, hip dysplasia and other conditions that affect the function of the hip joint.

Which Procedure is Better for Me?

Both procedures involve Dr. Martin guiding the Mako Robotics system to remove your diseased bone and cartilage. A partial knee replacement is a treatment option for patients with osteoarthritis or other issues that are limited to one or two compartments of the knee. For patients with more severe osteoarthritis a total knee replacement is indicated, where all three compartments are replaced with the Triathlon Total Knee implant system.